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Cooking Class with Viviana Musumeci. You'll learn how to forget the Goddess

Do you like Italy and its cuisine? Maybe the answer is yes. You probably belong to the category of people who like to order italian food in, or to go out and eat in your favourite Italian Restaurant. Then, if you already visited Italy, at least once in your life, you no doubt remember the unique taste of our regional food and our wine. Your dream is probably to relive those memories and eat it again and you probably could do so if you had an authentic italian restaurant near your house or in your town or city. But of course it is hardly ever the same.

The scent of the air, the quality of the light, and the pleassure of relaxing in an atmosphere of simplicity, and the way Italian food naturally mix and melt the ingredients is an alchimy that simply cannot be repeated just anywhere. It’s a dream that you can revive only here and now, and we plan to help you can learn to do this for yourself. There is a wonderfully natural environment that celebrities and the elite usually attend for its unique beauty: Lake Como.  If you have already been there you know that the lake is formed into two segments:one with Como as the focal point and the other Lecco – both lovely with their own unique charm.

Lecco one of the last unspoilt retreat locations of Italy. It is a charming town surrounded by the lake, Adda river and the spectacular mountain setting. When visitors spend their holiday here they are always overwhelmed with the stunning views and amenities. You can surf the lake in springtime, ski in winter and also enjoy our cultural charms and heritage, our history, our traditions and of course our food. Lecco is located quite close to Milan – 40 minutes by train -, Como – 30 minutes by car – and Switzerland one hour from Lugano and 2 hours from Sankt Moritz -.

Cooking class experiences with Viviana are available in Lecco or you can join her, for living different experiences in two esclusive locations on Lake Como:

Varenna Agriturismo Castello di Vezio and Bellagio – San Giovanni – at Nene Food and Kitchen.

So if you want to taste and experience life in real Italian style, if you want to share some time with an italian journalist who is a fashion and food writer and blogger, who likes to eat and to cook, you should accept this invitation to visit. You will spend the entire day with her and other foreign students. She will chose for you the best ingredients ever. Most importantly, you will have a wonderful time on Lake Como were the culture is welcoming and makes you feel at home.

(Contact viviana@vm-mag.com)


Join Viviana at the Agriturismo Castello di Vezio in Varenna, one of the most lovely place on Lake Como. The cooking experience is hosted in the kitchen’s owner of the “luxury farm” Manuela Greppi (or Pupa to her friends). It’s possible to eat inside or, during springtime and summer, in the magical garden created by the great garden architect Pietro Porcinai. During the experience, it’s possible to visit the garden itself and the tunnels where Pupa manages oil and wine tasting. The “luxury farm” is near the famous Vezio Castle. It is also possible to visit the castle with its tower after the food/cooking experience. What are you waiting for? Book an experience with Viviana

Agriturismo CAstello di Vezio VArenna, Lake Como

Agriturismo Castello di Vezio


Meet Viviana at Nene Kitchen in San Giovanni, a lovely hamlet near Bellagio. Nene Kitchen is a magical place where you get by following the jazz music spread by Nene Food – the small deli shop with a contemporary design cosmopolitan and local at the same -. Viviana will host you in this lovely and charming location, where you will spend the most entertaining time of your lives, talking about food, ingredients, recipes and more, because this is not an ordinary cooking class; this is a real life experience with the #cookingjournalist of Lake Como.

What are you waiting for?


Viviana Musumeci in the backstage of a shooting with the italian chef and tv celeb Simone Rugiati

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